Reeti Mathur

Reeti started working with non-profits in 2004, and over the years has gained a deep understanding and insight into the needs of marginalized communities and those living below the poverty line. She honed her skills to look at developmental issues holistically and draw connections between the various gaps faced by these communities, and understand their needs for resources like basic access to health facilities, sanitation and employment. She’s worked with drug users - men, women and children (recovering and otherwise)-, battered and abused women, rag picker children, HIV positive persons, transgendered individuals, sex workers, and other high risk groups, such as the trucker community.

She also has nearly a decade of experience as a copyeditor and writer. She’s mostly worked on extensive research publications and project reports for national and international aid organizations, universities, and individual consultants. Though her primary area of work is social development, it did not stopped her from assisting auto-biographers, bloggers and communications' experts in content development.